Cubebrush – Sci-fi Swords Pack 1

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Cubebrush – Sci-fi Swords Pack 1

Download Sci-fi Swords Pack 1 by Cubebrush

Half hand-painted, and highly detailed, these models are compatible with your game engine of choice.

This is a remake version of the model “Sci-fi Swords Pack” (Not available on Cubebrush)

Updates: – Texture remake – Both sword and sheath models share the same material – Cleaner topology – Optimized polycount – Organized UV

Real world scale: approximatively 165cm X 20cm X 5cm

Formats: – FBX – Unreal Engine 4 uasset (Copy and Paste) – Unity 5 Package (Drag and Drop) – CryEngine 3 Textures – PBR MetalRough Textures – PBR SpecGloss Textures

This product includes: FBX: – 2 Sword Model – 2 Sheath Model

Unreal Engine 4: – 2 Materials – BaseColor – MetallicRoughnessOcclusion – Normal – Emissive

Unity 5: – 2 Material – AlbedoTransparency – MetallicSmoothness – Normal – Emission

CryEngine 3: – ddna – spec

PBR Textures: MetalRough: – BaseColor – Emissive – Height – Metallic – Normal – Roughness

SpecGloss: – Emissive – Glossiness – Height – Normal – Specular

All Maps are in 4096×4096

Download: Cubebrush – Sci-fi Swords Pack 1

  1. Adilkhan7862018 September 8 21:26

    Upload this collection
  2. AbrahamEE2018 September 9 17:50
    Hey Great Job mate!
    Is there a chance to update this content:

    and this:

    thank you!
    1. Sonya2018 September 9 18:36
      Maybe later, keep for updates...
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